Oxford Street London

Oxford Street London W1 is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world.

You are sure to find anything you want in the many world famous stores. From Oxford Street it is a quick stroll to Covent Garden, the British Museum, Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch.

A trip down Europe’s busiest street, London’s Oxford Street, is likely to be an enjoyable experience.  However, for many this road was to be their last trip as it was originally the route taken by condemned prisoners from Newgate Prison, in an open ox-cart, to the gallows at Tyburn.  This was roughly where Marble Arch is now, and there is, a paving stone marking the Tyburn tree on the traffic island on the junction of Edgware Road, Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

Crowds would gather to watching the hangings and cheer a good death and boo a bad one as the poor condemned, dressed in their best, made speeches, before the sentence was carried out.  Often these desperate characters would be almost the stars of their time as they tried to impress the crowd with their bravado.  The last man to be hanged was John Austin, a Highwayman, in 1783.

Nowadays, the crowds gather for entirely different reasons as they pour down both sides of Oxford Street to visit some of the most famous shops in the land, which include Selfridges, John Lewis, and Topshop, to name but three.  In fact there are well over 500 of the most famous brand names, most of which are the flag shop stores.

Oxford Street is actually part of the A40 though you will not see this marked.  However, it is extremely well known for the number of red buses and black London taxi cabs that patrol its length that is approximately one and a half miles.  There are four tube stations for this thoroughfare, which are Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road, all on the red Central Line.

Of course, don’t forget that Oxford Street is also one of the most expensive properties to be purchased on a Monopoly board and is grouped with both Regent Street and Bond Street in the Green Band.  Very expensive real estate at £300.

Oxford Street is also famous for its Christmas lights which are turned on by a celebrity in November and last until Twelfth Night.  Last year they were turned on by Jim Carrey, and such switchers have included Peter Andre, Cliff Richards, The Spice Girls, and Richard Branson.

As mentioned previously, Oxford Street can get extremely busy, and therefore they always try to have a traffic free Saturday before Christmas.  This is known as the VIP day. “Very Important Pedestrian.”  In 2010 that day was 27th of November.

Oxford Circus station on the London underground is the easiest way to travel to Oxford Street and Regent Street.

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